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Employee Recognition - Celebrating The Impact You Make!

Central Unified is honored to provide the Employee Recognition Program. This program recognizes the outstanding efforts and contributions of individuals who consistently display exceptional characteristics while providing students with the tools necessary to be successful in the classroom and beyond. 

Help us celebrate every day heroes!

Nominations are collected annually for the following categories:

  • Classified "Rookie" of the Year 
  • Certificated "Rookie" of the Year
  • Exemplary Attendance
  • Certificated Substitute of the Year
  • Years of Service Award
  • Retiree Recognition
  • Classified Employee of the Year
  • Certificated Employee of the Year
  • Administrator of the Year
  • Mentor Teacher of the Year

Employee Recognition Program-Overview  

2016 Employee of the Year Ceremony

Rookies of the Year - 2016

Jonathan Clemmons [Certificated]
Intervention Counselor, Teague Elementary School 





Maria Gomez [Classified]
Instructional Aide, Herndon-Barstow Elementary School 

Mentor Teachers of the Year - 2016

Bill McKee
Liddell & McKinley Elementary Schools

Linda Matthews
Steinbeck Elementary School

Substitute of the Year - 2016

Alexa Chavez   
Substitute of the Year 2016