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Facilities Planning Department

4605 N. Polk Avenue
Fresno, CA  93722

Phone: 559-274-4700
Fax: 559-275-0394

Welcome to Facilities Planning

Contact Information

Bert Contreras
Facilities Planning Director
(559) 274-4700 Ext. 63101
Email: hcontreras@centralusd.k12.ca.us


Maria Santos
Administrative Secretary
(559) 274-4700 Ext. 63101
Email: msantos@centralusd.k12.ca.us


Joseph Martinez
Facilities Planning Manager
(559) 274-4700 Ext. 63100
Email: josephmartinez@centralusd.k12.ca.us

Developer Fees

In 1986, the California Legislature authorized school districts to levy school impact or developer fees on residential and commercial/industrial development for the purpose of funding the construction or reconstruction of school facilities.  The basis of the school facilities legislation is the relationship between new development, and the impact on school districts to provide adequate school facilities for the student population new development generates.  The authority for the District’s assessment of developer fees is set forth in Education Code Section 17620, pursuant to Government Code 65995.


Developer Fee Rates (Effective 1/13/16)

 Commercial/Industrial Construction

 $0.51 per square foot


 $4.06 per square foot


Developer Fee Rates (Effective 3/11/17)

 Commercial/Industrial Construction

 $0.51 per square foot


 $4.58 per square foot


 A completed Developer Fee Certification Form and a copy of the Plot Plans will be required to verify the information, along with a business/personal check, cashier’s check, or cash, made out to Central Unified School District for the full amount.  (CUSD currently does not accept credit card payments)

All residential additions at 500 square foot or less are exempt from Developer Fees.  Complete the Developer Exempt Fee Certification Form  and provide copy of the Plot Plans for verification.


Maria D Santos

559.274-4700 ext. 63101
Central Unified School District – Annex Building
4605 N Polk Ave.
Fresno, CA.  93722


Measure B Bond

On November 4, 2008, the electorate of the Central Unified School District approved the issuance of up to $152 million Measure B General Obligation Bonds, with greater than 55% of the votes in favor. 

     Measure B Bond Language

Measure B Bond Background

Measure C Bond Fund

Measure C will provide a maximum available bond issuance of $87.3 million to provide modernizations to the District's aging schools and ensure all Central Unified schools meet the same safety and academic standards as new schools.

   Central Unified will continue to regularly communicate important milestones and updates through our school communities and on our website.

Form more information about Measure C, click HERE.

     Election to Authorize Issuance of School Bonds - Measure C 1516-42

West Shields Elementary School

This is to advise that CUSD has prepared an Initial/Study Mitigated Negative Declaration that is now available for review at our office: 4605 N Polk Ave and the Fresno County Public Library at 2420 Mariposa Street.    Public review period is from: 2/07/17 through 3/09/17.

    West Shields Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration


Annual Contractor Prequalification 2017

Request for Quote (RFQ)

RFQ 1617-101: Architectural-Engineering Services

   2017 RFQ 1617-101 - Architect-Engineering Services Short List 

RFQ 1617-102: Construction Inspection Services

RFQ 1617-103: Materials Testing Lab Services