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Central Unified Math Pathways

Check out all of the available math pathways for secondary students in Central Unified.  You can also read descriptions of courses and check prerequisites.
Common Core

Get more information about the common core mathematics standards, find answers to questions and look for resources.

Central Unified Math Placement Policy

Read about Central Unified’s math placement policy.  The purpose of the policy is to create protocols that serve students in the years of transition (elementary to middle and middle to high school) using fair and objective measures so that students are placed in appropriate mathematics courses. 


Smarter Balance
Visit the Smarter Balanced Assessment website for more information about the new end of year assessments.  There are practice tests, sample test items, and performance task examples available to view

Visit the Carnegie Learning website to learn more about our 7-12 Common Core mathematics curriculum.  Set up a resource center account for online access to curriculum, additional resources, and online support. ( Schools can provide access codes required to set up accounts)

Tim and Moby help students learn about a wide range of topics in all different subject areas. Each math video has a quiz and additional resources students can use after watching.  (Elementary schools can provide access codes required to access site)
Pearson realize
A link to the sign in for Pearson Envision our elementary common core mathematics curriculum.  To learn more about Envision click here.   

Math with Math Solutions


Extra Math Practice for a variety of mathematics topics.  Many have worksheets and games.
Extra Math lessons for students who need additional help with math concepts.   Most provide additional practice with each topic.
Engaging Math games for students to play.   Students can learn real world applications of math.

Good site for elementary math games.

Concepts from every grade level are available from  kindergarten to postsecondary.

Students can see how professionals use math in the real world.  Careers like music, fashion, video-games, restaurants, basketball, and special effects are highlighted.  Students can then take interactive challenges related to the careers.

Extra math practice for all grades.  Students can work on developing foundational skills.

Great site for middle and high school students. Topics covered range from Algebra to Calculus. Visit the homeschool section for tutorials on different concepts. Even lessons in Spanish!





Kids can practice their programming skill by creating commands to program the robot, Lightbox.

Site for elementary students to practice their math skills.

Interactive arithmetic lessons for kindergarten through 8th grade.  Unlimited practice for each concept.



Free online math games sorted by grade level from kindergarten to high school.




Math lessons for middle school and high school math concepts.



Variety of math games including strategy, skill, number, logic and more.

District Login Required 

Find district planning materials, standards support, additional web resources for teachers and more.


Emergent Math