Health Resources For Central Unified School District

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Central Unified School District Welcome Letter
This welcome letter provides an overview of Central Unified School Districts pharmacy plan and resources. It includes:
  • Temporary ID card information if a member needs to fill and does not have their card.
  • Link to the Preferred Drug List and Formulary Exclusion List. This shows what medications are covered and what tier they may fall. You can identify potential lower cost medications and if a medication may not be covered. If a medication is not covered, the employee should contact their physician.
  • Directions on how to use the mail order pharmacy for maintenance medication.
  • Information about Briova Rx for specialty medications and how to contact them.
  • Directions on where to register on
  • Directions on how to access the OptumRx Mobile App.
Central Unified School District Plan Summary
Details are provided about the plan including deductible, maximum out of pocket and co-pay amounts for each plan. It also shares details about:
  • Specialty pharmacy
  • The Dispense as Written policy
  • What step therapy and quantity limits are
  • What a maintenance medication is and how to use mail order
  • What High Dollar Claims are and the prior authorization requirement.
  • What Low Clinical Value drugs are and how they are excluded.
  • Overview of covered drugs and how there may be prior authorization/quantity limits.
  • Overview of drug exclusions.
Central Unified School District 2020 Formulary
This document provides all the details and describes what is a formulary and how to use it. It also shares a list of medications, the tier they are on and if there is prior authorization, quantity limits and step therapy. 
Central Unified School District Formulary Exclusion
This document shares what medications are excluded from the formulary and provide the preferred alternatives. The employee can take this document to their physician to discuss medication alternatives.
Central Unified School District Free Meter Program
This document shares details on how to get a free meter for those employees needing diabetes care.
Central Unified School District OptumRx 2019 Premium Prior Authorization
This document describes how prior authorization works and what drugs require a prior authorization.
Central Unified School District Precertification Request Form
This document is to be completed by your doctor for Prior Authorization Requests.
Central Unified School District OptumRx Quantity Limits
This document describes how quantity limits work and what drugs have these limits in place.
Central Unified School District OptumRx Step Therapy
This document describes how step therapy works and what drugs require step therapy.
Central Unified School District Preventive Care Medications 
This document provides a list of Preventive Care Medications that are covered at 100% by the plan.
Central Unified School District Maintenance Medications
This document describes how to get maintenance medications through either CVS Pharmacy or OptumRx home delivery.
Central Unified School District OptumRx Mail Order Form
This document is used to place a mail order prescription
Central Unified School District OptumRx Mobile App
This document provides direction on how to access the OptumRx Mobile App.