Committee to Study School Names & Mascots

In July 2021, Central Board of Trustees voted to appoint a special committee to study the appropriateness of school names and mascots and to return recommendations based on community input for the Board of Trustees to determine if any future action is appropriate. The committee includes parents/guardians, students, educators, and community members.
Committee Members
Committee Members: Area 1 - Joshua Sellers, Vice Chair. Area 2 - Nabil Kherfan, Secretary. Area 3 - Eman Almutawakel, Shereese Butler, Vanessa Rodriguez. Area 4 - Annette Dilley, Monica Meza, Chair. Area 5 - Michael Kurnosoff, Jr., Melissa Minor. Area 6 - Gina Sellers, Gabriel Suarez. Area 7 - Mandip Johal, Jaspreet Sekhon.
School Names & Mascots Recommended to School Board
The Committee to Study School Names and Mascots has recommended the following school names and mascots to the Central Unified Board of Trustees for review.  
School Names
- Houghton-Kearney K-8 School 
      - James K. Polk Elementary School 
- Madison Warrior
Click HERE to access the criteria used by the Committee to select school names and mascots. 
School Names & Mascots Under Review
The Committee to Study School Names and Mascots has selected the following school names and mascots as a priority for review. 
School Names and Mascots for Review
School Names & Mascots Committee Presentation (2/3/22)
School Names & Mascots Information and Links