Committee to Study School Names & Mascots

In July 2021, Central Board of Trustees voted to appoint a temporary or special committee to study the appropriateness of school names and mascots and to return recommendations based on community input for the Board of Trustees to determine if any future action is appropriate. The Board of Trustees would like to engage a broad audience and representation for this work. It is intended that the committee will include parents/guardians, students, educators, and community members. Members will be selected through an application process that will be used to solicit representation from a variety of neighborhoods and schools with a goal of three representatives from each trustee area. 
If you need help determining which board of trustee member represents you, click the black tab on the right hand side labeled “Trustee Area Map”.  
Area 1 - Trustee Jason R. Paul
  1. Marisol Chaves
  2. Dupinderjit Kaur
  3. Joshua Sellers
Area 2 - Trustee/ President Yesenia Z. Carillo
  1. Nabil Kherfan
  2. Angelea Mejia 
  3. Simran Rakhra
Area 3 - Trustee Philip Cervantes
  1. Eman Almutawakel
  2. Shereese Butler
  3. Vanessa Rodriguez
Area 4 - Trustee Shawn M. Brooks
  1. Annette Dilley
  2. RaeLee Lake
  3. Monica Meza
Area 5 - Richard A. Solis
  1. Diana Gallardo
  2. Michael Kurnsoff, Jr.
  3. Melissa K. Minor
Area 6 - Jeremy A. Mehling 
  1. Michelle Robles
  2. Gina L. Sellers
  3. Gabriel Suarez
Area 7 - Trustee Naindeep Singh Chann
  1. Mandip K. Johal
  2. Rohini Randhawa
  3. Jaspreet Sekhon