Janessa Ramirez Scholarship

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In 2015, Janessa Ramirez was standing in front of a laundromat with her mother when she was killed in the crossfire of a gang dispute. She was struck by a stray round fired from several hundred yards away and died on January 18, 2015. She was a 4th grader from Steinbeck Elementary in Central Unified School District. Later that year, during the 2015 State of the City address, Mayor Ashley Swearengin presented Stacey Gonzalez with a Key to the City and announced Central’s new scholarship program in her daughter’s name.

To honor and remember Janessa, the Foundation for Central Schools adopted the Janessa Ramirez Scholarship Program. To date, the Foundation as awarded $60,000 in scholarships to deserving Central Unified seniors. In 2020, the Foundation announced the award of seven $2500 scholarships in the spring of 2021. Today, the program is thriving and adapting to keep Janessa's memory alive through the power of education. 
The 5th Annual Janessa Ramirez Scholarship application will open March 1, 2021. The application will be available online and only accepted electronically. All applicants must be a senior at a Central Unified High School, provide an unofficial copy of transcripts, provide one(1) letter of recommendation, and submit a project based on selected theme (see below). ACT & SAT scores are NOT required. Application Opens March 1st at 8am and Deadline is April 16, 2021, 11:59pm. Click Here To Start Your Application! 
Please email sdohi@centralunified.org or call 559.274.4700 X 63151 is you need further assistance.

If you would like to partner with the Foundation on this scholarship, please e-mail: sdohi@centralfoundation.org