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Central Unified School District

Every Student, Every Classroom, Every Day

Superintendent Andrew G. Alvarado

Greetings and welcome back to the new school year in Central Unified School District.  I trust you and your family had a wonderful and relaxing summer vacation and you are ready to kick-off the 2018-2019 school year with much excitement and enthusiasm!   

I am grateful to have been selected as the lead learner of our school district.  My first order of business will be to get out into the community and schools meeting as many stakeholders as possible. I plan on listening not only to the many wonderful initiatives taking place throughout the district but also to the challenges that may exist.  After doing so, we will celebrate the wins and tackle the challenges with laser-like precision. 

It is our moral imperative to make sure students are prepared for what the 21st century will be expected of them as they enter the real world.  We need to provide experiences to our children that are deeply embedded in real-world, real-life experiences.  As our mission states, we need to work towards having every student engaged in rigorous, relevant, standards-based instruction in every classroom, every day to ensure student learning.  I look forward to meeting all of you personally and working together to carry out this mission.