Student Safety Tips

  • Follow their parents’, teachers and school rules and basic safety guidelines, at all times.
  • Use the "buddy system." Always travel with one or more trusted friends (or an adult)
  • ALWAYS stay with a group while waiting at the bus stop. 
  • Stay in well-lit, well-traveled public places.
  • Not take shortcuts.
  • Avoid dark or isolated areas.
  • Walk on the sidewalk, but as far aware from the roadway as possible.
  • Avoid walking or playing while wearing headphones.
  • Always let their parents or guardian know where they will be, who they will be with, what they will be doing when they will be home, how they will be traveling (walking, riding, etc.), and what route they will be taking.
  • Know how to contact their parents at home, work, or by cell phone.
  • Know how to quickly locate other responsible adults if they need help. 
  • Know how to call the police using 9-1-1. (9-1-1 works from a charged cell phone without service)
  • Be willing to talk to their parents about their personal safety.
  • If anyone tells you there's an emergency and they want you to go with them, always CHECK FIRST before doing anything. 
  • Tell a trusted adult if you notice anyone you don’t know hanging around the school.
  • Loudly and firmly say "No" to any overture from a stranger.
  • If followed by a stranger in a vehicle, turn and walk the other way. Go quickly to the nearest safe place (home, friend’s house, school, or a crowded public place) and seek help.
  • Run if threatened or chased, and scream loudly for help: “This person is trying to take me away” and/or “this person is not my mother/father!!"  
  • If grabbed, fight! Do anything possible to get away or get attention--kick, gouge, twist, squirm, flail, bite. Don’t give in.
  • If a stranger grabs your shirt or coat, try to pull out of the garment so you can run away.
  • If a stranger tries to pull you off your bike, grab or hug the handlebars, so you can’t be pulled away from the bike.
  • If a stranger tries to force you into a car or van, you should brace your legs against the doorframe, or grab the door or window, so you can’t easily be put into the vehicle.
  • Remember as much information as possible about the stranger(s) and vehicle. Even if the stranger leaves and the student is unhurt, the student should immediately report the incident to a trusted adult, so that the information can be given to the police. 


Most importantly, tell your parents what has happened and then have them phone the police. If something happens while you are walking to school, immediately tell an adult at school.