Central Live

Central Live
Central Live is a monthly newscast style video that features some of the incredible things happening in our school district and a topic spotlight. 

2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR
This month we tell you about some major student accomplishments, including the Justin Garza High School Cheer Team’s Nationals win, and how four seniors are being recognized for their outstanding school performance. We also have some important reminders for you. The February topic spotlight is on Universal TK and what you need to know before registration begins on March 1st.
We hope you get a moment to check out this month’s Central Live. This month we tell you how our Central Cheer and Pep varsity team came out on top at a national competition, when you can catch our annual Employee of the Year awards, and when seniors can apply for an inspiring scholarship. Our topic spotlight is on the importance of mathematics and how you can help sharpen your student's skills at home.
It is the end of the year and winter break is upon us. Before we unplug, there are some achievements, highlights, and good news we would like to share with you, including a surprise virtual visit from a Supreme Court Justice. In this month's topic spotlight we’ll tell you how you can help keep your student continue learning while on break.
This November our Central Unified students, staff, and foundation are giving back in multiple ways. We also have some important information on how you can spread some Holiday Joy. This month's topic spotlight features a conversation on social media best practices and hoax threats.
This October our Central Unified students are making their presence known at one of the Central Valley's biggest events, we also have some valuable details on our new District testing center. This month's topic spotlight is all about financial aid.
The September edition of Central Live covers some major student and school accomplishments. In our topic spotlight, we share information on our new 24/7 tutoring service available to all of our students.
The first-ever edition of Central Live highlights the return to in-person learning, athletics, back-to-school nights, and more. This month's topic spotlight features a conversation with District Lead Psychologist Shant Avakian, M.S. He discusses mental health and how parents can ease their students with the transition from distance to in-person instruction.