Committee to Honor Central Alumni

The Board of Trustees is looking to honor Central alumni during their meetings. Community members and employees are encouraged to submit candidates. Central Unified graduates serve as role models through their considerable accomplishments and contribution to the advancement of the district’s goals. We look forward to celebrating them.  
To make a nomination, please click one of the buttons to the left of your screen, “Nominate an Alumni” or “Nominate an Alumni in Memoriam”. Please make sure to complete the form. You will not be able to submit it unless you have answered all questions. Please make sure to enter your best contact information. We will contact you before we contact the nominee. The Committee to Honor Central Alumni will then decide who gets recognized and when. To qualify, an alumni must have received their diploma or a certificate of completion. 
Gilbert Magallon  Communications & Public Relations Officer 
Naindeep Singh Chann  Board Trustee Area 7 
Richard A. Solis  Board Trustee Area 5 
Gary Davis District Employee
Maria Ocegueda District Employee
Jennifer Chapa DELAC Member 
Jessica Prada  D-PAC Member 
TBD (2023-24)  Central East High School ASB President 
TBD (2023-24)  Justin Garza High School ASB President 
TBD (2023-24)  C.L.A.S.S. Student Speaker
TBD (2023-24)  Central High School ASB President 
TBD (2023-24) 
Central Online Homeschool 
TBD (2023-24)  Pershing Continuation High School 
The Board of Trustees is looking to recognize Central alumni at regularly scheduled Board meetings. The Board has requested that the Superintendent’s Office form a committee composed of; the Communications and Public Relations Officer, 2 Board Trustees, 2 District staff members, 1 D-PAC member, 1 DELAC member, and 1 ASB or leadership student from each high school/alternative high school. The committee has determined the nomination criteria and will select which alumni will be recognized by the Board of Trustees.