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What is ThoughtExchange?
ThoughtExchange is a communication tool that allows the public to share their thoughts on a topic confidentially. It ensures all voices are heard and different views are expressed regarding a shared topic of interest or concern.
How it works?

ThoughtExchange is not a survey tool, rather, it engages interaction as people respond anonymously with other participants.

  1. A broad question is posed and people are invited to respond.
  2. Thoughts are shared anonymously with others participating in the exchange.
  3. Participants rate (using 1-5 stars) their agreement with each thought.
  4. Data is gathered for analysis and used as input for decision-making.
Are my thoughts anonymous?

Your name will never be publicly linked to your thoughts or ratings, so please share openly. Your identity (your name and email address) is kept confidential.

  • Other people will see your thoughts and ratings and you will see others' thoughts and ratings without names attached.
  • Exchange leaders are not able to see who has participated in an exchange.

The information you provide to create your login will remain solely with ThoughtExchange, and will never be given or sold to another party - ever.

How your responses help?
Information learned through ThoughtExchange will be used to gauge parent and community participation and understanding in interactions with school staff and administrators. 
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