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  • Hoax Threat PSA Video 1:00 Central Unified Hoax Threat PSA

    Hoax threats made on social media might seem like a laughing matter, but they are taken very seriously!
    In some cases, hoax threats can lead to imprisonment! We created this PSA video to remind everyone about the consequences of hoax threats.

    Uploaded Feb 06, 2020
  • Foundation for Central Schools 4:40 Foundation for Central Schools 2019

    Uploaded Dec 20, 2019
  • Social Media Think Before You Post Video 00:30 Social Media Think Before You Post Video

    In the span of one week last year, five local high school students were arrested after posting threatening images to social media sites. The lives of these students and their families were changed forever after a single post, a situation that has played out with too great of frequency across the Valley and nation in the past few years.

    To raise awareness about the risks and impact online activity can have on young people, local law enforcement and schools have joined together to create a public service announcement. The 30 second PSA raises awareness of what’s at stake when you post or share threatening content online.

    We are continuing to educate students about the risks posed by irresponsible use of the Internet and we encourage every parent to be a part of proactive efforts to help our youth use their social media accounts in a safe and responsible way.

    Questions about the PSA can be directed to the public information contact in each district. Technical questions about the video/download can be directed to Clovis Unified CCO Kelly Avants, APR at or 559.327.9092.

    Uploaded Nov 22, 2019
  • Central High-West and El Capitan National Dance Day Video 1:04 Central High-West Arts Center & El Capitan Dance Students National Dance Day Video

    We hope you enjoy this fun video of the Central High-West Arts Center and El Capitan Middle School dance students performing a fun and rousing routine for National Dance Day, which was held on Saturday, September 21. They'll make you want to get out of your seat and show off your best grooves!

    Uploaded Sep 23, 2019
  • 2019 Young Authors' Faire Spotlight-Bryson Yang

    You'll love this cute video featuring Tilley student Bryson Yang, whose book, "Dinosaurs of the Past", was featured at the 2019 Young Authors' Faire. Enjoy!

    Uploaded May 20, 2019

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