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California Standards ELA/Literacy Standards — The California State Content Standards are designed to encourage the highest achievement of K-12 students by defining the knowledge, concepts, and skills students should acquire in each grade level. SCOE has published a helpful news story answering questions about the Common Core State Standards.
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CCSS English Language Arts Resources — Resources to support the teaching of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English language arts (ELA).
Wonders K-6 English Language Arts — Wonders connects your classroom to core standards, inspiring literature, and the world with this comprehensive literacy program. 
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Amplify 7-8 Language Arts — “Activities to connect teachers with students and help build a classroom culture in which students celebrate diversity, take risks and feel ownership over their own learning that are necessary for them to grow both academically and socially.


myPerspectives 9-12 Language Arts —  This dynamic Pearson program creates an interactive, engaging, and relevant learning environment through readings, meaningful activities, and purposeful performance tasks. myPerspectives encourages social collaboration as well as student ownership of learning through goal setting, choice, and reflection.


Peach Blossom
The Peach Blossom Festival - Participation in this event is an excellent opportunity to incorporate oral interpretation into your curriculum and matches the Common Core Speaking Standards.
Literacy Wheel

What is meant by “Best First Teaching?” “Why reinvent the wheel when there are plenty of practices that already work?” “If the definition of ‘best practices’ are those existing practices that already possess a high level of widely-agreed effectiveness in the literacy world, what are they?”


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