Parent's Corner

The Early Learning Lab just released Stay Play Grow, available at, a free app designed to support parents and caregivers during the coronavirus outbreak and beyond. The app is a one-stop source of quality, trusted resources curated to help families with children 0-5 make the most of their time together. 


The app offers resources in English and Spanish (under Recursos en Español) on children’s learning and development, including simple activities to help children learn through play at home; self-care strategies; how to get help meeting basic needs including food, shelter, diapers, and more; and health & safety resources, including how to talk to children about the ongoing health pandemic and racial inequality crisis.

Download Stay Play Grow today from the Apple App Store at and Google Play Store at


Help Me Grow - Is a website supporting children in Fresno County to reach their optimal developmental potential
Live United - Is a website by the United Way providing a list of resources to assist families during COVID-19
Absences for Best Interest of the Child – are limited to ten (10) days per fiscal year, except for children who are recipients of protective services or at risk of abuse or neglect or other special circumstances.  “Best interest of the child” absences are defined as follows: family funerals, weddings, activities related to the religion of the child’s family, Kindergarten registration and testing, vacations, or other reasons that the parent feels are in the best interest of the child.  The Notice of Best Interest Days Absence form must be completed by the parent and submitted to the teacher for approval.
Interested in volunteering in your child's classroom?Please complete the volunteer application in the Preschool Volunteer / Chaperone Packet below and submit your paperwork to preschool office or to your child's teacher for processing.
Withdrawal from the preschool program – Parents wishing to withdraw their child from the preschool program must notify the teacher or the preschool office by completing the Self-Declaration for Termination of Services form listed below.
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