Developer Fees

Central Unified School District will process developer fees by appointment only.
*Please email a copy of the completed Developer Fee Certification Form, a copy of the verified Plot Plan with Address, APN Number and Square Footage included, and a copy of the Check which will be used for payment.
Please email or call (559) 276-5435 for questions or to make an appointment.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
In 1986, the California Legislature authorized school districts to levy school impact or developer fees on residential and commercial/industrial development for the purpose of funding the construction or reconstruction of school facilities. The basis of the school facilities legislation is the relationship between new development, and the impact on school districts to provide adequate school facilities for the student population new development generates. The authority for the District’s assessment of developer fees is set forth in Education Code Section 17620, pursuant to Government Code 65995.
*Effective August 29, 2022, Developer fees will increase to $4.79 per square foot for Residentials and $0.78 per square foot for commercial/industrial development.


 $4.79 per square foot


 $.78 per square foot


 $.50 per square foot


 *A completed Developer Fee Certification Form and a copy of City-verified or County-verified Plot Plan(s) (8.5"x11" preferred) which includes the Address, APN number, and Square Footage, along with cash, a business, personal, or cashier’s check made out to Central Unified School District, for the full amount. (CUSD does not currently accept credit or debit card payments)


All residential additions at 500 square feet or less are exempt from Developer Fees.
Complete the Developer Fee - Exempt Certification Form and provide a copy of the Plot Plan(s) for verification.
Submit forms via email (including a copy of the check which will be used for payment) to: [email protected]
Submit forms and payment in person, (by appointment only) at:
Central Unified School District - Business Annex
Location: 4605 N. Polk Avenue, Fresno CA 93722
               (at the back of the Teague Elementary parking lot)
Business Hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm  -  Monday-Friday (except Holidays)
John Rodriguez
Director, Facilities Planning
ext. 12104
[email protected]

Katrina Loya
Manager, Facilities Planning
ext. 12102
Julie Jaurique
Construction Manager
ext. 12118
Jordan Soliz
Facilities Technician
ext. 12108
Txia Yang
Construction Projects Coordinator
ext. 12101
[email protected] 

Central Unified School District – Business Annex
4605 N Polk Ave.
Fresno, CA. 93722