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Complaint Procedures and Forms

The Governing Board believes that the quality of the educational program can improve when the District listens to complaints, considers differences of opinion, and resolves disagreements through an established process. Complainants are encouraged to resolve concerns early and informally whenever possible. If concerns remain unresolved, a formal complaint may be submitted as early as possible in accordance with the appropriate district procedures. 
Please note: Individual Board members do not have authority to resolve complaints. If approached directly with a complaint, Board members may refer a complainant to the Superintendent or designee so that concerns may receive proper consideration.
Complaint Procedures and Forms
The following complaint procedures and forms have been created in alignment with District board policies (BP), administrative regulations (AR), and applicable state/federal laws and regulations. If it is unclear which procedure applies to a complaint, the Superintendent (or Designee) shall determine the correct procedure. The Superintendent or Designee's decision shall be final. 
Select the procedure that best describes your concern. 

Topic of Complaint 

    Complaints Concerning District School and/or Employee

    Complaint Concerning Instructional Materials


Uniform Complaint Procedures: 


·  Violation of  state/federal law or regulations governing:

·    Adult Education

·    After School Education and Safety Programs

·    Migrant Education

·    Career Technical and Technical Education and Training Programs

·    Child Care and Development Programs

·    Child Nutrition Programs

·    Special Education Programs

·    Consolidated Categorical Aid Programs

·    Any other district-implemented program listed in Education Code 64000(a) (5 CCR 4610) 

·  Unlawful Discrimination (Discriminatory harassment, intimidation, or bullying) against any student, employee, or other person participating in district activities. 

·  District Noncompliance Related To: 

·    Lactating Students 

·    Fees and Charges 

·    Local Control and Accountability Plan 

·    Foster Youth 

·    Education for Homeless Students 

·    Class Assignment 

·    Physical Education Instructional Minutes 

·  Allegation of Retaliation Against a Complainant or Other Participant in the Complaint Process

·  Any other complaint as specified in a district policy



"Williams Act" Uniform Complaint Procedures

·     Textbooks, Teacher Assignments, Facilities


Nondiscrimination in Employment 

Title IX, Complaints of Sexual Harassment, by or against Employees

Complaints of sexual harassment by and against employees shall be filed, investigated and resolved in accordance with law and district procedures specified AR 4030 - Nondiscrimination in Employment.

Title IX, Complaints of Sexual Harassment, by or against Students  

Complaints of sexual harassment by and against students shall be filed, investigated and resolved in accordance with law and district procedures specified in AR 1312.3 - Uniform Complaint Procedures.



  5145.7 AR - Sexual Harassment


Title IX Rights (Education Code 221.8) 


The following  list of rights, which are based on the relevant provisions of the federal regulations implementing Title IX of the Education  Amendments of 1972 (20 USC Sec. 1681 et seq.), may be used by the department for purposes of Section 221.6:

a. You have the right to fair and equitable treatment and you shall not be discriminated against based on your sex.
b. You have the right to be provided with an equitable opportunity to participate in all academic extracurricular activities, including athletics.
c. You have the right to inquire of the athletic director of your school as to the athletic opportunities offered by the school.
d. You have the right to apply for athletic scholarships.
e. You have the right to receive equitable treatment and benefits in the provision of all of the following:
1. Equipment and supplies.
2. Scheduling of games and practices.
3. Transportation and daily allowances.
4. Access to tutoring.
5. Coaching.
6. Locker rooms.
7. Practice and competitive facilities.
8. Medical and training facilities and services.
9. Publicity.
f. You have the right to have access to a gender equity coordinator to answer questions regarding gender equity laws.
g. You have the right to contact the State Department of Education and the California Interscholastic Federation to access information on gender equity laws.
h. You have the right to file a confidential discrimination complaint with the United States Office of Civil Rights or the State Department of Education if you believe you have been discriminated against or if you believe you have received unequal treatment on the basis of your sex.
i. You have the right to pursue civil remedies if you have been discriminated against.
j. You have the right to be protected against retaliation if you file a discrimination complaint.

(Added by Stats. 2015, Ch. 43, Sec. 3.)   


Any known or suspected violation of these rights, should be immediately reported.  


District Title IX/UCP Coordinator

Jack Kelejian, Asst. Superintendent, HR

Phone: (559) 274-4700 ext. 63130



The OCR office for California is located at:

The OCR National Headquarters is located at:

San Francisco Office
Office for Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Education
50 United Nations Plaza
Mail Box 1200, Room 1545
San Francisco, CA 94102

Telephone: 415-486-5555
FAX: 415-486-5570; TDD: 800-877-8339

U.S. Department of Education
Office for Civil Rights
Lyndon Baines Johnson Department of Education Bldg
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20202-1100

Telephone: 800-421-3481
FAX: 202-453-6012; TDD: 800-877-8339


Complaint Forms

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