Student Teachers


Central Unified School District is proud to partner with universities to assist candidates in need of completing fieldwork. The following protocols are currently in place to assist the following candidates with this process:

  • Student Teachers
  • Students Completing Field Work Hours
  • Students Observing a Classroom

Master Teachers and Placements

Principals may assist universities in placing a candidate with an approved Master Teacher at their school site.  The Student Teacher University Supervisor must contact the Human Resources Department to commence the placement process.



Step 1:  Complete the electronic On-Boarding Student Placement Checklist.

Step 2:  Human Resources will receive the On-Boarding documents for additional processing.  

Step 3:  Once placement has been authorized, Human Resources will notify the school site(s) and contact the candidate to confirm that the placement may commence.



Student Teachers and Certificated Substitute Teaching

Student teachers may be allowed to serve as a certificated substitute teacher for their Master Teacher, only in cases of emergency and only when the following prerequisites have been fulfilled:

  1. The Student Teacher has obtained prior approval from their university supervisor.
  2. The Student Teacher has completed and met all prequalification requirements for certificated substitute teachers including, the application, fingerprinting, and training process with the Human Resources Department. Please refer to the requirements for substitute teachers, as listed at: Substitute Teacher Resources

For additional information regarding this process or placement, please contact an HR Coordinator.